You Are So Welcome to Nartitee Ecolodge!

About Nartitee

Nartitee was Goshtasb’s house, 100 years ago. After him, Khoda Rahm, his son, and Makhmal, his bride, started living in it. They had 3 children, Homa, Jahangir and Rostam.

Now, it’s been almost 4 years that Ramtin, Rostam’s son, and Tina, his bride, started living in Nartitee.

Nartitee means pomegranate blossom, but indeed it’s happiness, fortune and friendship blossom too.

We have a very important mission. We want to bring calmness and happiness to rural lives, and also show the beauties of it to them who left their houses in small cities, and make them think of coming back and constructing a new and better life.

Nartitee Founders

We, Tina & Ramtin, are a young Zoroastrian couple who preferred living in Taft instead of the capital.

Regular life didn’t satisfy us enough, so we chose to experience lots of new challenges.

It’s a fact that we don’t have much time to travel, but instead it seems that the whole world is traveling to our home.


Ramtin Shohrat
Ramtin Shohrat

The funny, cool, cute and enormously kind member of Nartiteam!

He discovered how cool is it to have a mustache 8 years ago, as he says himself!

Maybe he doesn’t seem so serious based on his acts, but he is! Believe me! He has a master degree in tourism management from Tehran University, he was the manager of Markar Museum a few years ago, he loves reading, learning new things and teaching what he knows to others!

Ramtin has a very special character. He knows what he wants in life and he’s totally in the way. I guess that’s why you can find him happy almost every day.

His favorite activity is to tickle toes and ask you funny questions! He claims that he was able to climb every single trees in the world some years ago, but now he’s been gaining weight and can’t to do that anymore! :)))

Tina Namiranian
Tina Namiranian

I don’t want to exaggerate but you need to know she’s a really special woman!

She’s born in Tehran, grew up there and got a master degree in Geology from Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran…

But then, after 26 years, she decided to leave the capital with all of its facilities…

Tina with her husband, Ramtin, came to Taft, with big dreams. Having a positive impact on tourism industry and also on Taft locals, communicating with people and having exciting experiments.

“My soul flies here! happiness, peace and beauties are mine now” she says.

You would never forget her cook once you taste it, and that’s because she really enjoys spending time on mixing different foodstuff, making dessert, jams and…

She has a very kind heart and a calm smile on her face.

Dena Montazer
Dena Montazer

The girl with high hopes and dreams!

Dena knows her mission is in tourism industry. She has a bachelor in tourism management in Yazd University, but she believes working with tourists makes much more sense than isolated studying! So she started to work in Laleh Hotel in Yazd as she was a university student.

And now it’s been almost 2 years that she’s with Nartiteam as a really important member..

She loves communicating with guests and now has a lot of friends in all over the world, she loves kids and she knows how to play games with them to make them happy.

She’s also a perfect cook and host. You’d love to talk to her for hours and you won’t feeling bored at all.

Ehsan Shiri
Ehsan Shiri

Name one thing, Ehsan haven’t tried yet!

Our Engineer colleague soon found out Electronic isn’t his favorite so started to experience new things in his life such as carpentry, working in a café as a barista and etc. During these experiences he left his born town, Ahwaz, to Isfahan and it was then that he found Nartitee..

“I fall in love with Nartitee at the first glance, then I stayed there for a long time, so they wanted me to stay forever!” Ehsan says.

It shows how much love he has for Nartitee and for his work now, that when you see him you’d feel the happiness and satisfaction of him..

 Ehsan has so much passion for life. He’s in love with travelling, with taste of delicious foods, playing games especially with kids, dancing, nature… He’s crazy about experiencing new things without any limits… He’s free like a bird, he’s happy like a kid.

Nooshin Shohrat
Nooshin Shohrat

The little girl of Shohrat Family!

Nooshin’s born in Yazd and grew up there too. Nartitee is her grandfather’s home so she had so much fun in here during her childhood and that’s why she loves every corner of this home…

Nooshin has an accountant bachelor degree from university of Yazd. She’s a perfect cook and tailor. Origami is her favorite hobby and she teaches it to the children.

As she loves souvenir from all over the world, she works as a volunteer in Nartitee’s Gallery, Where you can find exciting Iranian souvenir.

Whenever you come to Nartitee you can recognize Nooshin with her beautiful smile and voice when she’s welcoming you 🙂

Farzan Setayeshi
Farzan Setayeshi

The youngest member of Nartiteam!


Farzan is like the “road runner”: )) he works fast that you can’t even see him when he moves. But he’s so serious and eager about his work at Nartitee.

He loves hiking the mountains, bicycle riding and also listening to the music while working! These three make him happy and relaxed!

Every month Farzan works at Nartitee for 2 weeks and then he goes back to his home in Yazd. He has a workshop there, indeed he’s a creator, an artist, who turns inanimate woods into meaningful shapes… “I can’t feel passing of time when I’m working with the woods” He says.

Farzan has a beautiful heart and a very bright future ahead…