25 Nov

Taft, A beautiful City to Discover!

A very common route for visiting Iran, begins in Tehran and continues to Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. But if you’re a little more curious and are looking for excitement in your trip, you’d probably like to explore some more pure locations. Taft is one of the most peaceful cities in Iran and of course […]

24 Nov

Taste Iran with Persian Food Tours

One of the best ways of making your travel special is to taste traditional foods of where you go and to see shopping, eating and cooking habits of the local people. Actually you get to connect better through sharing a meal this way. I guess it’s even more enjoyable if you be able to cook […]

23 Oct


A mountain suitable for hiking, trekking and climbing Shirkooh, one of the most important mountains in Iran, is located in the south of Yazd province.  Shirkooh is a high peak (4080 m) in the central part of Iran, and the highest peak of Yazd province. There’s some different ideas about the reason of naming this […]